6 weeks for the Big DAY breast lift and augmentation need a survival kit any feedback would help !

  • nowornever2012
  • 2 years ago

Okay so I'm 6 weeks to the BIG day, and been reading all kinds of stuff regarding healing progress, I NEED to know does this stuff realy help or is is just bull*$#?......please let me know about your experiences.  Need to know if I realy need to get any of this stuff: ex: Mederma, Bio-Oil, Kelo-cote, vitamine E,  armica montana...etc.....I havent ask my Doc about this stuff cause I kinda guess he would say just let the boddy heal on its own, but if this stuff realy works I want to know.....so post-op beauties let me know, should I or shouldnt I buy this stuff to make my healing progress better...awaiting your comments !!!!!!!