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3 Weeks After Botox For Frown Lines Still No Results

  • LSG86
  • 5 months ago

Two years before my big 30 I decided I would not be cursed with the deep frown lines I inherited from my beloved mother AND father. I took a leap of faith and decided to try Botox. My first visit was 3 weeks ago. I received 10 units. Two days afterwards I saw nothing. No need to freak out I told myself because this is normal. A week went by and I saw my frown lines deepen. I could still move the muscles in my face.Thinking I might be a freak of nature immune to Botulism, I called the office where I received the injections in a panic and was told "this is normal, sometimes it takes two weeks."It's now week 3. I can still move my forehead, push my eyebrows together, and raise them. I'm returning tomorrow and hopefully this time I come home with better results.I'm hoping I don't need to ask for a dermal filler, but if all else fails I will.