Seven week update

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  • 3 years ago

Changed my own Inodine bandage a few days ago and the wound was looking much better. So, last night had my first soak in the bath for weeks!  Nurse happy with things today and I even managed a Zumba class tonight. I feel as if I have turned the corner and can now concentrate on getting the belly down. No more surgery, just proper food and exercise. Still wake up a lot especially if I roll over in the night. It is a slow procedure but well worth it. First two weeks seemed ok but after that you kind of expect too much too soon. Patience .......grrrr. H

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I had a bit of wound opening under each breast. It was maceration, where the skin does not dry out propoerly.
If you imagine a cut on your finger, you start with a plaster on it, but at some point you decide to let the air get to it. Otherwise the wound does not completely heal properly.

The difficulty I had was that you cant expose the wounds to the air, without being arrested! I was treated with iodine infused gauze and had to keep it all dry. This went on for about 3 weeks and I also had antibiotics to get rid of some bacteria that wasnt helping.

I am now 14 weeks and the scars are fading nicely.

Having said all that, the nurses ALL saiud to me that if at any time my wound area got ho, I as to go back to them straight away.

In addition they said to restrict exercise to walking / gentle exercise only until the wounds healed more. Dont do too much too soon, the gym will be there next month!

Cheers H
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Sorry, just re-read that and find my keyboard is missing some letters...
"the nurses ALL said to me that if at any time my wound area got hot, I was to go back to them straight away. "
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Thank you for the fabulous update!   I am so happy for you and glad you are loving your results.

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I am 4.5 weeks out and experiencing same impatience. Immediate discomfort not bad but I have a tough time sleeping on my back and generally wake up about 4 hours after I fall asleep and feel sore because I must be sleeping on my side and not realizing it until it wakes me up.

Biggest concern is appearance of incisions. The left breast vertical incision began to split a couple of weeks ago and I can now see white/yellow area about at incision which has yellow discharge but it is not hot or painful and when I called nurse she told me seems normal and not to worry (I have my follow-up appointment this coming Monday). Then right breast became very red and painful to touch after I went back to gym about 10 days ago and now I see a little bit of the incision under that breast starting to open.

I was told about 50% of patients experience incisions opening and that it will not affect the healing process or the appearance of the scars. Wondering if that has been others'[ experience
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