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Going in on Wednesday for full TT

  • Katie C
  • Cyprus
  • 3 years ago

Hi there, My nameis Katie. I will be going in for a full TT on wednesday and am very afraid. I will also be doing lipo on the hips and thigh area at the same time. I have been a heavy smoker and am afraid of skin necrosis.The doctor has not given me any info regarding any risks or dangers.He is aware of my smoking, I have not stopped fully, but cut down a hell of a lot. Is the pain that bad the first few days??

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Good luck to you, Katie!
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Oh Katie please try to quit the smoking quickly.  This can effect your healing process in a negative way.  Smokers run so many risks after surgery so best to stop now.

You could run into all sorts of problems with anesthesia, wound healing, blood clots etc.  I do not want to freak you out but it is pretty serious. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids during your recovery  in order to flush your system. 

See what some of the RealSelf doctors have to say about smoking after a tummy tuck.


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My advice is to really really try to quit smoking....the pain you experience is more a discomfort then mind boggling pain....when you sneeze/cough/laugh it hurts like hell and getting up for the first time. Im 7 weeks post op and I feel great! but def the first week maybe 2 wks you will just want to take it very easy and slow. for me what hurt the most was my lower back, and thats why i would take the pain pills was for the back pain not the TT! Good Luck!!
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