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I have a wedge pillow ready for my after surgery?

  • jenjk3ks
  • Abilene, TX
  • 2 years ago

Do I need a recliner I do not have one, but I have a wedge pillow, also should I use waterproof pads under me while in bed?

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i asked and read and my conclusion was to get an 'electric lift' recliner. You can rent them for 100 a month. I will let you know how i like it :)
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I used about 6 different pillows to keep me comfy in my big bed but the one I used the longest was the pillow under my knees - it felt so supportive.

I know some gals love a recliner post-op but for me, my big poofy comfy bed worked great. And my hubby happily moved into the guest room! You do tend to shift around a lot in the first weeks and I honestly wanted him to get his rest. You will LOVE your new tummy!!!!
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Ok awesome I was just worried I would be stuck and hurting without a recliner... I cant wait... it is 5 weeks away.... how funny Iam excited to have surgery....I know its painful but its so worth it...
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This surgery is a very exciting and life changing event!  You should be both excited and proud that you are doing this for yourself. 

It is painful but all of that is temporary.  I agree that it is so worth it.  I just sent an and one year post op pictures to my doctor last week and told him that very thing.  Given all the pain, swelling and long recovery I would do it all over again for the results I received. 

It really does change the way you feel about yourself.  Big confidence booster:)  I still look down and can't believe I have a flat tummy..almost unreal to me. 
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I used yoga straps and duffle bag straps tied to the foot of my bed. It enabled me to pull up with my arms since you have No strength at all from your tummy muscles. Really don't realize how much you use them until you can't. good luck, love my tummy!
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Kimmers you are so right when you describe surgery as a life changing event! After I had my 'Girls' done, I found myself pumping iron in order to strengthen the chest muscle. My TT is scheduled for 7/20/11 and I am cutting down on my martinis! Go figure!
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Well dont cut down too A woman needs to have her mama juice.
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A recliner is not required.  I have actually read about women having problems getting in and out of the recliners right after surgery.  You will not be able to use your legs in that manner to put the foot rest down.

A wedge pillow and several other pillows will work.  You will need to try many different positions and just find the one that works best for you.  Pillows under he legs, head, shoulders, elbows...pretty much a ton of pillows.  A neck pillow is also very helpful. 

You will change positions many times in the night for the first 2-3 weeks.  It just takes time to figure out your comfort zone.
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