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How soon were you wearing your non stretchy clothes?

  • Healthynewfie
  • St. John's, NL
  • 3 years ago

I am curious to know when I can go from elastic waste pants to regular pants and jeans??  I don't want to buy a bigger size as I think i will find that depressing, especially after paying for surgery to go smaller.   Any comments?

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My tops are loose now but it is not comfortable to wear jeans, or any bottomes that zip and button. So I did go and by a few stylish summer outfits. Like summer dresses and those cute "jumper suits" shorts. They are very comfortable and I actually got my normal size. But I agree with Kimmers on waiting to buy a new woredrobe. :) This swelling thing does come and go and as time progresses it's less and less.
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Thanks Kimmers...

Question: My belly is as hard as a bowling that what you refer to as Seroma???
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Not necessarily.  With a Seroma it could either feel like a water bed or rock hard. Listen to your body and if something just doesn't feel right get in and have the doctor check it quickly.  If you start to get really bloated looking then it could be fluid.

My tummy was really hard after the surgery and when my doctor checked for fluid there was nothing in there. 

He had me massaging it 2-3 times a day and that will help.  Now I will warn you that it feels very strange because it is numb.  But it is really important to do this. 

Check this link out. 


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I am not sure there is really any set time limit for this.  You pretty much just need to go with what feels comfortable to you. 

Try things on from week to week and see how they feel.  It it hurts and is tight ditch it for a while longer.  Definitely hold off on any shopping for the time being.  You will become smaller and smaller as the swelling goes down. 

Save your money for when you are feeling totally awesome and then schedule a weekend shopping trip.  You will love it!

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