if I was to wear a factor 50 and avoid the sun as much as possible will that help?

  • 13Hope
  • 1 year ago

Hi about 4byears ago I noticed the skin above my top lip was getting a lot darker than the roast of my face, I didn't really thinker much about and carried on when sunbathing only using a factor 4 tanning oil as I am a avoided sunworshipper. It was only towards the end of last year that I really started thinking this isn't right I kept trying to wash more in that area in case it was sunburn effect using makeup but nothing it just wasn't going.mi was getting more and more self conscious of  it as I don't really like to wear foundation on my face unless I'm having a bad day with spots. I decided to lo it up and it all points to one thing melaema. I've read so much in the last few days I actually have brain overload with it all. I found this gruop and though omg there is other people, I realise now that my quest to be tanned has ruined my facial skin probably for life. I also read that it's not the medical effect melaema ghas on your life it's the physical, that could not be more true as a woman I want to look nice, but now all I keep thinking is people looking at my moustache as I call it as hats what it resembles.i am 30years old and after reading realise that the sun is by far the worse thing and up until last year that's what I was doing with a really stupid bloody factor at that. The colour above my lip fades greatly in the winter but is still there then once summer hits its back, if I was to wear a factor 50 and avoid the sun as much as possible will that help? I have 2 children so I do like to take them outdoors on nice days so total isolation of the sun would not be possible I don't think I live in the uk and have yet to go to the doctor as I are there's nothing that can be done. Also does anyone know how u can tell the diff between dermal or epidermal melasema I mean is there any hope? Or do I just learn to live with this, also some makeup tips please please wild be helpful, I use Dior nude at present but it doesn't cover up it just kinda makes it look a weird colour underneath .