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what to wear day of surgery?

  • ricanmami
  • Buffalo, NY
  • 3 years ago

just wondering on what I should wear day of surgery def something comfy and loose. was thinking jammy pants? anyone have any advice or can tell me what they did for their surgery?

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I wore sweats the day of surgery and going home the day after. I actually lived in sweats & PJ's during my recovery @ home.

Went back to work yesterday and wore a dress. Today I have on pants, but a pair of my bigger sizes (Sz 6). I can actually wear a 2 or 4 depending on the cut of the pants. Kept the
size 6 even though they were too big and I am glad I did!!!
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Kimmers' definitely says to wear sweats, or yes, PJ pants. Something very loose and comfortable. Please let us know how you'r surgery goes!

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