Should I Wear Both Compression Garments for 4-6 Weeks as Instructed?

  • SkylarFuller
  • 1 year ago

I just recently did the Micro Body Contouring done on my upper and lower abs, armpit areas and chin/neck area.  I fell into the group of being 20lbs from my "ideal" body weight and just could not get rid of the last of my fat, so I got it removed. Now the gauze wrap on my chin seems pointless, as well as my arms but I am worried about my abdomen.  I get nauseous every time I go to take it off and the first time I did my tummy was awkwardly flat and when I touched it I felt a lump move around. This may all seem normal and I may be way too paranoid, but has anyone ever experienced the nausia?  Also I was given a compression garment with the straps and opening at the bottom and an additional 4 inch thick foam compression wrap.  Is the foam wrap really necessary after 3 days? Any answers or stories will help!  Thank you!

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Hi there, welcome!

I have read, mostly in the Tummy Tuck forum, that taking the garment off can cause dizziness and nausea, I guess from the pressure it has been putting on your abdomen. Have you talked to your doctor about it, to make sure it is normal?

Not yet, my follow up is on Friday so I was just going to wait until then. I finally have taken it off to shower and such and I do still get pretty dizzy. I will definitely inquire about it on Friday

Let us know what the doctor says and what advice he gives!