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  • Aceydoo
  • Easton, MA
  • 2 years ago

Ladies, In my 41 years I have NEVER even so much as had a simple bikini area wax at a salon/spa.  I either try to wax myself or shave with disappointing results.  With my surgery fast approaching and the thought of being shaved and having it itch later I summoned the courage to schedule my first Brazilian Bikini Wax well ahead of I didn't need to do any post op maintenance....It is simply something I've never done but am THRILLED it did it!  My underwear look so awesome on as does a bikini bottom.  I told the aesthetician about my tummy tuck so I wouldn't be afraid of someone seeing my post surgery scar and I'm going back to see her this spring..icing on the cake...she is getting a BA and hasn't told anyone yet....we bonded instantly!  I just wanted to put that out there in case anyone else had questions about it, I'm happy to share my experience and will answer any question tastefully and candidly.  :)

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Sending you wishes for a super, easy recovery!!!
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Go us! I actually still have no new regrowth...woo hoo..I should have done this a long time ago:) I'm 7:40AM tomorrow...nerves are setting in.....
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I cannot thank you enough for your candor. Everything you said was absolutely true. I spoke to my ps & got the ok so I scheduled my appt & followed all of your suggestions. I had a wonderful aesthetician who had breast aug a few years ago. The two of us chatted the entire time. My husband was just as eager as yours to see the result. LOL
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Hi cinrob, I did indeed trim before I went..just make sure there is enough left for the aesthetician to work with. The other thing that I did (and is absolutely not necessary) is I treated myself to an upscale salon...It still felt like I was pampering myself a little bit and the atmosphere was very Zen and pretty and calming, I think it helped. Don't wear fitted jeans for the trip home, shower close to when you need to go, schedule your appointment as close to your phone call as possible so you don't stress about it.. I told the aesthetician that this was a new experience for me upfront..I was very chatty and that helped keep me distracted. Stretch before you will need to position your leg for a short period of time for her to get to all the areas. She was super professional and wicked funny so the experience wasn't at all as I'd imagined. I'm definitely doing it at least for the summer months...its been a few days and I don't have any issues other than getting used to the feeling and some women prefer to wear a panty liner until they get used to it:) TMI but my husband was like a kid in a candy store wanting to see the result...LOL
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I am so happy to see your post, I am actually calling my surgeon tomorrow to ask if I can go the week before my surgery. I don't want to deal with the itchiness during my recovery. I have never waxed. What suggestions would you have for a newbie to waxing? I am not that hairy. Did you trim before waxing? Thanks!
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