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How to warn people against Radiesse

  • worrywartme
  • Today - UK
  • 2 years ago

I had this done on advice of an aesthetician of a PS with whom I had previously agreed to use Juvaderm for tear troughs. She must have been incentivised to sell it as I went ahead assuming it was another brand of hyaluronic acid.  Be warned: 1. It migrates - mine moved from my hollows under my eyes up on one side and down on the other after about 2 weeks.  The same happened on an vertical indentation on my forehead - it moved down to below my eyebrow and in towards my eye 2. It broke all my veins from the corner of my eye to the end point of the product  3. It remains visible under the skin and feels like a hard ridge or bone 4. It cannot be dissolved and may remain in your body for much longer than the 12-18 months 'promoted' by it's manufacturers 5. It appears to cause further auto-immune response in certain individuals. 6. Given all the other injectables which can be removed ask yourself if it is worth it?. My advice is to stay away. Learn from others mistake   I am personally hoping and praying that the ridges and lumps dissolve within the year. In the meantime I am distressed and depressed - don't go throught the same thing! Just because a PS has used it successfully on others, don't assume it will always be a success.