Wanting breast implants and whether it's right for me!

  • Reese in NC
  • Charlotte, NC
  • 2 years ago

I'm a mother of 3 children and I never really had big breast to begin with, but after each child they got a little smaller each time. I some what have a complex about my breast and just want to feel a little more confident about myself. I wear a 36B and would like for my breast to be fuller and stand out at attention. I want to wear those tops and dresses wear your breast just look like WOW in the clothing. I think I would like a 36D but not really sure. I don't want to go to big and I still want it to look like it's mines. I also don't want it to be too costly. I'm scared at the idea of having it done due to the fact of people saying you have to redo it every ten years, is that true? I'm scared of it leaving scares behind, of whether or not I will like it, will I be happy in the end and the safety of going through the process in the first place. Do I do saline or silicone and which one is safer and which one is better? It seems that with the recovery process and the follow-up that it would be safer to stay closer to home? Is it cheaper and/or better going through a regular doctor or finding a hospital that does it? I need some direction on where to go and what to do next!

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Hey look like ds already, I would just get a lift
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OK, so I'm looking for a Dr. in the Charlotte area or in NC in general who specializes in Breast implants and aren't too costly.
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Thanks for posting on RealSelf! Your breasts look larger than a B and not small at all to me. But if you're wanting them perkier, breast implants can help with that for sure.

Check out this thread about the different sorts of implants available. As far as replacing your implants goes, they do have a shelf life, but it can definitely be longer than 10 years. You will probably have to get a revision/removal at some point in your life.

You might also want to check out Makenzie's review. It's packed full of great insights. You also might want to read through a few of the reviews in the Breast Implant Removal community to see what those ladies have to say about their implants and experiences.

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