Wanting a BR badly, but what procedure (lollipop vs anchor) is best?

  • Coldcoffee
  • 2 years ago

  I am 38 and a size DDDDD (which is probably a UK "G"), with a good bit of droop.  I want to go down to a C or D.  I don't want to be too big to bra and bathingsuit shop, but I don't want to be too small either.  (I have broad shoulders.)  I saw 2 surgeons, and I'm waiting to hear back from my insurance company. Doc A said that he would do a lollipop incision procedure and could take me to a C or D.  (I liked this idea of no incision under my breast for healing purposes and the dreaded "dog ear" flaps.  And I heard it creates a more natural looking breast, not "boxy".) Doc B said that he would do an anchor incision procedure and could not guarantee a size...that he would create a size that fit me proportionally and that too, I must have enough taken out for insurance.  He was totally against the lollipop incision because of my droop.  He said he does do that procedure, but not on women with my kind of breast sag.   I'm worried that I will be small and boxy if I go with Doc B.  but I'm also worried that Doc A isn't as informed if he's recommending the lollipop. What to do?!?