Do you want the best breasts in the world?

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  • Edinburgh uk
  • 2 years ago

If you are considering getting implants please please please do your research and I mean the negative stuff the things the drs will brush over or omit they won't last forever, they are a foreign body inside you . You my think they are what you need to boost your confidence and cup size and yes they can mask the insecurities for a while. Look at celebrities with natural small breasts instead of focussing on the large fake ones! Really look into what problems women have with implants I just want women to realise u are beautiful small is beautiful and your health may deteriorate even while for a short time your confidence soars, I am going to have mine removed as I have now 6 yrs later done the research i now know the things I chose to ignore because I had to have them! I thought I needed them. I needed that boost, now 6yrs later I want them gone! Please just be open to others suggestions the people who love you the way you are and most importantly love yourself the way you are. This is free advice your to take or ignore, but beware be careful and once you get those implants start saving hard because they need to be maintained and as u may know things go go wrong . If this makes you think twice themn my job here is done! I just wish I had wrote the same thing to me and taken it on board before I decided to have them! Best wishes!

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Thanks for your cautionary tale! It's good to know all sides of the procedure before going forth with it.