I want to get rid of my smokers lines, what lasers are the best?

  • hether
  • 3 years ago

I want to get a good look to my skin, I have a few wrinkles round the eye area and more above the lips. Will Smart Dot be the best choice or would a different laser work better, how bad will I look and how long to look normal and go back in public? I saw I doctor he told me Smart Dot would be good as a one of treatment rather than 3 treatments, I really want some honest answers to how I will recover and what to expect. I was told from the doctor he would give me medication for infections and cold sore and antihistamine. Also Vasaline to keep skin moist for 5 days, he would also recommend omnlux light theapy for healing using a vitamin c cream he says this omnilux helps speed healing . I really would like to hear from anyone who can help me make the right treatment

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Sciton profractional resurfacing is great for this. Our experience has been very rewarding. Be prepared for 5 days of "downtime".

Hi hether, 

Here is some info about getting rid of smokers lines with lasers. Hopefully it will help.