I really want to get rhinoplasty but not sure how to let my parents know or if i should even bother, guy, 21

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  • 1 year ago

 I do not want my parents to think I am vain or care that much about my looks but my nose makes me so unhappy and insecure.  It would be extremely embarrassing for me to tell them i want a nose job .  Are rhinoplasty places willing to work with you to keep your surgery confidential? I am 21 years old, live on my own, and am completely able to afford this with my own money and was thinking about making up some story about how I broke my nose and had to get it fixed or something.   I am just trying to think of the best possible way to make this drama free and not get ridiculed for doing it. Any advice would be helpful. Also, what do u think about my nose? Would I make a good candidate?

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Hi there! You kind of remind me of me! Although I've told my immediate family, I want to avoid the embarrassment of others knowing. Ultimately the decision is up to you. I would go to some consults first and then once you have booked in a date I would perhaps talk to someone in your family who would be the most understanding. You may be pleasantly surprised by their reaction! I didn't think my dad would react well to it but he said that he doesnt think ive got anything to worry about but if it will make me happier then he will support me. To soften the blow (if you think they may react negatively), make it sound more medical I.e you can't breathe properly through your nose. Good luck :)
my parents are against plastic surgery but i wanted them to know because it is a big deal going under the knife and found it would make me feel more at peace. I found the best way was to down play the whole situation saying i had sinus problems and a deviated septum which is causing sinus infections and miagranes etc and acted like it wasn't too big a deal. I don't think they would notice too much if it looked different. I was surprised how fast my bf and sister forgot what my old nose looked like until i showed him a comparison pic. i think some improvements would look nice

Thanks for posting on RealSelf! You look like a great candidate. Though obviously you'd have to be examined by a plastic surgeon who would determine this for sure.

I'd just come clean with your parents. If you don't need their support in any way, it might be easier to do it after the fact.

Do this first: go on a few consultations with facial plastic surgeons. It's possible you might have a deviated septum or something and could then explain to your parents that it's part septoplasty and part rhinoplasty.

Here's a list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons.

My advice is to not lie. The lie will somehow make its way back to you. And your parents might be more supportive than you think.

Wow thats a great idea--i do have a bit of a deviated septum so i could tell them that needed to get fixed but also say im doing some aesthetic improvements while im there...i think they would be much more understanding of that. thank you for the idea! as far as the list of questions go, do most people go through the entire list with their doctor or would that be seen as rude? thanks for the advice.