I really want to get rhinoplasty but not sure how to let my parents know or if i should even bother, guy, 21

  • aim11
  • 1 year ago

 I do not want my parents to think I am vain or care that much about my looks but my nose makes me so unhappy and insecure.  It would be extremely embarrassing for me to tell them i want a nose job .  Are rhinoplasty places willing to work with you to keep your surgery confidential? I am 21 years old, live on my own, and am completely able to afford this with my own money and was thinking about making up some story about how I broke my nose and had to get it fixed or something.   I am just trying to think of the best possible way to make this drama free and not get ridiculed for doing it. Any advice would be helpful. Also, what do u think about my nose? Would I make a good candidate?