I think I want a rhinoplasty, but...

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I'm young, only 26. I'm worried that a nose job would not look good over time. Can anyone point me toward photos of how nose corrections age over long periods of time? Secondly, I hate how my nose looks from the front and the side both, does this require more radical surgery to correct both angles? I'd additionally appreciate some feedback about how drastic a change I might need. I feel like my nose dominates my face. I'd just like it not to be the first thing that people notice!

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If you find the right doctor it should be fine. I had mine done at 18 but in my thirties the tip started drooping. The surgeon said the previous doctor took to much cartilage so i just had it done again last week. It is totally worth it even having had to do twice, i can tell the results this time will stick! Good luck!
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Thanks for your post! I had my revision rhinoplasty in 2002 and it hasn't changed much in that time. If I'd picked a good surgeon the first time I doubt it would've changed much at all.

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Btw, I was 27 when I had my first rhinoplasty and it was a great age. I had to live with my huge schnoz long enough that it built character in me, but had my nose improved young enough that I've had many years to enjoy it.

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