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Want refund and sick of Invisalign side effects

  • guneapig
  • 1 year ago

One month into treatment, have being having an early alarming signs of multiple side effects caused by Invisalign braces, ended up in Emergency Department. Orthodontist recomends to keep braces on despite the reaction, says refund is not possible. Unbelievable! Invisalign product and policy is killing me. Never had allergic reaction that bad and never paid that much for having it.

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You should check out the actual disclaimer. Orthodontist may say refund not possible but ultimately it is for a court to decide should you decide to take it that far.
They make a hypoallergenic version, some are allergic to the plastic, u should check with dentist about it
How do you know that Invisalign caused these "side effects"? Have you been to an allergy specialist? If you had a letter from a doctor stating that Invisalign definitely caused your medical problems, you might have a case for a refund.