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  • BKay
  • Florida
  • 2 years ago

It's a simple question with no hard feelings...look at my pictures on my review....am I too fat to have good results from a TT? I already have one scheduled but....I'm just curious...Please be bold...I will not be offended! :-)

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BKay, I totally understand your frustration. We want to push harder but we have an obstacle standing in our way. You'll know the right time when you reach it. I'll be having my tt later this month. I can't wait!!!
Hi BKay,
You're not too fat! I agree with lizinohio that what is more important is that you've reached your final goal weight. Only you know your body and whether this is a plateau or you might be able to lose more. I was in a similar situation & I can to accept that I wasn't going to be able to lose anymore weight & will be scheduling my tt. Good luck!
Thank you, Conrob! I feel that I could lose more weight if I could just get rid of this horrible roll of fat and skin that hangs over. It is horrible trying to run while I have this big spare tire moving against me. Thank you for you opinions and good luck with your TT. When do you plan to have it?
Thank you, it does. I wouldn't mind losing a lot more weight but it seems that I have hit this plato and I haven't been able to move from it...Thank you so much for your response!
Hi Bkay, I definately don't think you are too fat for tummy tuck surgery at all. It is easier to see things in person so also if you really like and trust your plastic surgeon then they should give you an honest opinion. I guess at this point the question would be are you at your optimal weight that you would like to be at minus the belly? If not you don't want to be too far off from it because if you start losing that weight after the tummy tuck it will cause loose skin again and you won't get your best result from the tummy tuck. I hope that helps!