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I want to keep my compression garment off aim sick of it !,!,!!

  • patti in pennington
  • 2 years ago

    I had smart lipo mpx  5   Days ago.

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Wow! I had my flanks and abs/lower abs done. I still have my c section scar and a bit of more stretched out skin above it - which I figured. But I keep getting tighter! I find myself missing my compression suit after the day of not wearing it. I have also noticed if I wear certain shorts that are mid rise, my belly conforms!! Which is not good. I figure I still have some fluid and need to keep wearing it as much as I can to get the shape down pat! I am loving my new belly!! I put on a bathing suit yesterday and I found that my mind is remembering my old belly and then I look down to see it not there! I am thinking that women/men who go through gastric bypass surgery and lose so much weight have such issues like this - on a grander scale.... its hard to get my mind wrapped around it all still.... its been two weeks and 2 days since my surgery. It sure has made me watch even more of what I eat! I wish others that have posted have had better experiences like we have had.
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Agree. It is driving me nuts. It has been the worse for me, so I shouldn't complain. I can already see a change and it has been 5 days. Left the doctors office to go to a social event. I made sure I drank lots of fluids, but changing the dressing every 15 minutes was a pain. I read a lot before hand and was nervous but honestly can say for me was a piece of cake. I had lower abs, inner thighs, and back done.
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It sure does
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I have been rotating between a sweat belt and the garment. I get itchy and it gets hot here in Alabama. I am waiting for my spanx to come in. Maybe find something like that. It does get irritating!
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