I want a Mommy Makeover But Have a 5 and 3 Year Old, How Would I Manage Recovery?

  • shar1234
  • 2 years ago

Hi I am a mother of two. One 5 and other 3, can I manage with the mom make-over. How can tell my children to stay away from me.

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It is going to be hard, I had my TT and lipo last friday and my kids were ready to hug me and jump on my lap....I have to decline all of it and it was not easy having someone helping you is the best way to go
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Shar1234 ~ which state do you live in?
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Getting a mommy makeover while young children are in the house is hard, for sure. If you have family in the area (or who can fly in) to take care of your littles for the first week, that is very helpful. Or, a significant other to watch the kids and a family member or good friend to take care of you.

Some ladies actually end up hiring nannies and sitters and help so they can do this. You will need to not be parenting for the first several days, so the key is, get help.

Good luck! Please keep us posted on what you decide to do!

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