I Want a Huggeee Booty: Help!

  • CravingCurves13
  • 1 year ago

i am 19 years old, and very unhappy with myself being a white female i fit with the no ass stereotype. i have no hips either.. :( Im an apple shape so everything goes straight to tummy. ugh sigh. I want a noticeable ass like those girls you see and are like damnn!! Like yaris sanchez or stephanie santiago.. how do i go about getting this desired look? who where? will i need go twice or what. What doctors will put most in my butt cheeks?. I want a huge booty. ! I love the look with fuller hips, also can i get lipo all over with bbl or combine it with a tt? newbie to this pleasseeee help!

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Hi there, welcome!

Have you done any research on doctors whose work you like, or where you want to have surgery, etc? Have you found any doctors who have worked on others with similar features to yours?