Not Sure If You Want a "D" Cup? How To Make Breast Implant "Sizers" at Home [Video]

  • Varci Vartanian
  • 1 year ago

The choice between a full "C" or a "DD" undoubtedly involves heavy deliberation.   To de-stress this decision, the practice of Denver-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich, created this simple how-to video on making breast implant "sizers". 

So, with the help of white rice, pantyhose, a sports bra and some measuring cups -- you may be able to get a ballpark idea of what 350 cc's (or a little more) looks like on you.

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Video Credit: Colorado Plastic Surgery Center

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I told my doctor I wanted to be no larger than a C. He woke me up with Ds. I hated them. Felt fat. Couldn't button my shirts. Lived with them for several years. Got them out and had to get a lift to get to a C. I feel normal.
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I didn't find the rice sizers to be helpful at all personally. My BA results in a bra look absolutely nothing like the rice sizers in there. Be cautious when using sizers, they can be deceiving. Listening to your doctor's opinion will likely give you a much better final result. :)
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Yessss!! Rice sizerss just what i need :)
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I'm 5'5" and was a 34B. Small framed though I do weigh 135. I went with the 533cc high profile silicone under the muscle and love them! Initially thought they would be too large but so glad I went with that size! I'm a 36 DD now!
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This is a great idea! Surgeons are more frequently suggesting women experiment with rice sizers. They can be helpful in finding a general size based on the look and feel of the sizer. Let us know how many cc's you liked!

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I did this and I am no where near as big as i thought i would be based on the rice sizers. I have 375cc under the muscle and really wished i had gone bigger.
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I have heard that going under the muscle can make a slight difference but each person is different that I usually suggest checking with your PS. Do you feel like you're completely healed and have your final results?

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i think i pretty much am at my final result. I'm 2 months post op now.
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Thank you for sharing your experience here. Perhaps you can go a bit bigger when you have your implants replaced in the future. You may also want to share your story in your own personal review. 

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