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Are you walking straighter

  • chefy in Va
  • 1 year ago

Ok ladies, I'm 6 days PO today and I wanted to ask those of you who have had their drains removed, are you walking straighter now that they're out? 

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I am 6 days PO today also. I didnt have drains and I would say I am walking about 90%. It gets a little better everyday.

Walking up straight will take a while so hang on. My back hurt for 3-4 weeks but gradually got better each week.  

Try gently massage on the lower back, apply heat, and at a gentle and slow pace begin to stretch out while laying flat on the bed.  

I would love to massage, apply, heat, and everything else, but I had an extended tummy tuck :(

You can go ahead and do all of those things above and below the incision.  Just  go slow and careful.