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I see alot of posts from women with desk jobs saying they went back to work fairly soon 2-3 weeks on average... however, I am a server at a higher end resturaunt and obviously it involves alot of walking and some minor lifting... its arm service so it is not as bad as the large football food trays, however I suppose it could be up to 20-25lbs at a time. Any ideas on how long it would take to get back to work? I think that seems not be the biggest dilemma in the pre-op phase is trying to figure out what to request off from your employer... This is a fairly new job for me, and I also am hoping not to have to be out for *too* long being that summer is when the $$$ comes in this buisness and lord knows I will need it after this!! I am scheduled for mid-May.... Advice???

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You're right.

My PS told me to continue to take it easy, but do stuff when I felt ready - not to start doing housework and stuff just because it was '3 or 4 weeks'. Actually, he said don't rush it; act like you still can't do it, and get a break for longer! lol

didn't tell hubby that, but he is still carrying the baskets of wet laundry downstairs and also the heavy groceries.

I'm back to doing the shopping, but if we need anything heavy, I don't buy it unless the store has a clerk to lift or carry it for me.

I just think of those poor waitresses carrying heavy trays of food or drink, and cringe at the thought. Mind you, you're probably stronger and in better shape than I. :)
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I have 2 jobs my full time job is an office job that I am going back to in 3 weeks but my part time weekend job is in a restaurant serving and I'm taking 5 weeks possibly 6 weeks off. I don't want to take the chance of
hurting my muscles.
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Thank you, Joyce! I was thinking 5-6 weeks also... but, my PS said he thinks I will be fine in 4weeks. It seems alot of PS like to downplay the recovery a bit.. Probably since they havent actually FELT it! I will ask for 6 weeks and then if I feel ready before that I will just ask to come back early:)
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I mostly sit, but I'm at 6 weeks now, and I still don't lift.

I carried a box the other day that probably only weighed 10 lbs, but I could sure feel it.
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I asked my doctor and he said... "You should really be feeling fine at 4 weeks. I have had a few waitresses go back to work after 4 weeks"..... From what I hear on here that does not seem to be the case. I guess it will just have to be a wait and see kind of thing... I hate all of the uncertainty!!!
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I am sure you doctor is going to tell you at least 4-6 weeks before lifting anything too heavy, but try on the doctor advice line join this sight they should be able to help you more. How long is your shift is going to be they would want to know because you can swell if standing too long. I'm sorry I can't tell you for sure.
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