any waitresses????

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  • New Jersey
  • 3 years ago

I see alot of posts from women with desk jobs saying they went back to work fairly soon 2-3 weeks on average... however, I am a server at a higher end resturaunt and obviously it involves alot of walking and some minor lifting... its arm service so it is not as bad as the large football food trays, however I suppose it could be up to 20-25lbs at a time. Any ideas on how long it would take to get back to work? I think that seems not be the biggest dilemma in the pre-op phase is trying to figure out what to request off from your employer... This is a fairly new job for me, and I also am hoping not to have to be out for *too* long being that summer is when the $$$ comes in this buisness and lord knows I will need it after this!! I am scheduled for mid-May.... Advice???