Waiting for a date to start my count down... will I get cold feet?

  • tobenew
  • 3 years ago

Argh... this is going to drive me crazy. I'm so anxious to get a date already... dual surgery to get some growths removed and decided to get an extended tuck along with my arms. I have offically made up my mind to do this but getting the surgeons coordinated and a date is taking so long (even though its only been 1 day!) My family is trying to travel for my surgery to take care of me, but they don't know about the other surgery... this is like a soap opera... and I'm not telling them or at least most of them. And I don't want to take off time from school either... argh... this is crazy... I'm just waiting for the left side of my brain to say, don't go through with it... I know its going to come. Looking at people on this site is helping me though. Looking at the results and the honest feedback about what I am about to engage in... beyond helpful. This is a great outlet. If I was behavior scientist or a any type of doctor, I'm sure this site gives them great insight into what people in this process go through. Hopefully everyone uses the site for GOOD... I just know this is a great way for me to vent. I will start a count down soon, I hope!

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Looks like I'll be waiting another day... still remaining positive...
OMG, is this a bad sign!!! now the schedulers are at teh two offices are saying the optehr schedulers are LIEING!!! I'm about to say forget this CRAP... but I have to get the other surgery... ARGH... I hope this isn't a sign... I know the available days... and then I heard May... but I want to get this in before then... GEEZ... but I don't want to rush anything to a point where I time this in a way that it will be an awful experience... HELP!!!!!!! I should know my date this week... anyway, if I have to wait until May, I don't have to miss training for my first 5K... and I'll lose some needed weight too... I'm trying to be positive!

Keep your chin up and everything will work out.   All things happen for a reason and I totally believe that..

Welcome to the journey!   You will do fine as long as you have done your research, are mentally and physically healthy and have support.  So you have come to the right place.

Nerves and anxiety are normal for this process.  The best advice I can give you is this...stay away from negative people, only tell those you trust, be prepared to hear negative comments from others but take them with a grain of salt, know that you are worth this, and keep a positive attitude. 

The results can be life changing and amazing so just enjoy:)

One more thing...this is a long healing process so please be patient and do not try to rush the healing time.  I have read about many women wanting to hurry back to their "Normal" life, exercise etc and that does not always happen.  Everyone heals at a different pace and has different pain and swelling levels so don't compare yourself to others.
OMG... I want to get back to exercising so badly after... I was wondering if I could do 5 lb weights while I sit around, wall squats, and walks at the park... is that TOO MUCH???

Talk to your doctor and see what they recommend.  But my doctor would not let me go back to the gym until 6 weeks post op.  When I first started back I only did treadmill for the first two weeks.  At two months post OP he said that I could use five pound weights but not push or pull anything over my head.  No ab work for 6 months. 

Listen to your body and if something hurts or pulls in the core area STOP. 

It was a long process to get me back up to speed again.  At six months post op I worked with my trainer and he put me on a modified ab program for the first 2-4 weeks.   Baby step here!  Start with fewer reps and time and then gradually increase as you go. 

Pushing yourself will not help.  You need to heal properly and go slow.  

When I first started back I would swell terribly after every workout so be prepared for that.