Waist Training or Corset Training after BBL...who has done it?

  • ivfmama
  • Mid Atlantic
  • 1 year ago

Hey all! I am at 8 weeks BBL and my waist line hasn't really decreased at all. Doc said I need to wait the 3-6 months but I am thinking it may be partially a skeletal issue....Any ladies on here done Waist or Corset training? I have noticed that squeems compared to corsets are different in that corset's have steel boning in them where is squeem has boning but it is plastic...is this right? What kind do you recommend and what is your regimen?   Thank you!!!!

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I researched some things and put it on my review. I'm interested in WT but will wait til I'm am completely healed from this!
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This is what I want to know too!
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