Waist not proportional after tummy tuck due to swelling?

  • anabelle1997
  • Miami,Fl
  • 4 years ago

I had a full tummy tuck on 3/26/10 w/lipo to the flanks, I am 1 week post-up today and as can clearly be seen on my photos, I have a bigger waist definition on one side versus the other. I am still not able to stand completely straight and seem to lean towards one side more than the other. The binder had been on the whole week on the side that has the less indentation, I have since switched the binder around to see if that helps. Could it be due to swelling?

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I'm 19 days post op from full tt and muscle repair.my left side above and around my incision is also noticeably more swollen then right...it is driving me crazy
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Anabelle- I am 5 days post-op and having the same issue. I am praying that it is just more swollen on one side than the other and eventually evens out.

I've been told that swelling could last for weeks or months even but I am going to address it at my dr appt this Friday. I'm interested to know how you are doing now.
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So soon after your surgery, this could definitely be swelling. Has the situation resolved? How are you feeling?

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