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Volume loss around the face after a titan laser?? Was I a right candidate for this procedure??

  • brazil
  • 2 years ago

I had the Titan laser about 2 months ago. I am 35 years old and I always looked 10 years younger ( everyone says that I looked like a teen girl) My boyfriend is 23 and you can see at the pictures how young I look .. People normally say  that I look younger than him..I am very thin and the doc who performed the titan laser on my face and neck  assured me that this procedure does not burn fatness on the face and should not be worried about having a thinner face..He told me this procedure just tight the skin and in my case would be only for maintenance my  skin ! I reapeat He said it  was just to mainten my skin the way it is longer it is possible since I had no sag or laxity at all !!! So it sounded really great and I decided to go for the procedure !   I did not have any signs of laxity or saggness at all before the procedure.. The problem is that I feel that I lost some fat on my face.. I feel my face is thinner and my jawline is very thin now.. MAybe it is just my impression.. I have pictures of myself before and after the procedure and I can provide to  you.. I am writing this letter because I am very depressed  having a thinner face because my face was already thin at the beginning with a  little chubby cheeks ( what made me to look cute ) .. I just lost this little chubby cheeks  and they are lifted now I feel that I look old now and  I want really to know if the titan laser kills fatness on the face or it is just because tightened my skin so much and lifted my cheeks to the point now that i look artificial and old.. maybe because I did not have a sag skin at the beggining it happened....I am not sure .. maybe because I lost a few pounds in this 2 months ??? Is the titan skin can change the structure of your face???? Can this kill the fat of your face ????I am scared and I want an answer because I read that you  are an expert on titan laser .. i will be glad to hear from you..