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Is Voluma a safe/good choice to help with under eye hollowness?

  • glitter4750
  • 10 months ago

Hi, I had cheek implants 6 years ago with face lift.  Last year I had restylane under the eyes injected due to hollowness of the area reappearing.  I have notice now a year later that I have kind of a rough area under the one eye and puffiness.  I went to my PS and he suggested Voluma for the cheeks to build up and possibly some under the eye area.  I am nervous to make things worse by doing anything else under the eyes.  Has anyone had good results with this?

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I would not do it. Voluma is for the mid cheek area and have had a horrible infection from Restylane and Voluma since they were injected together but has been resistant to antibiotics and have a granuloma which couldn't be dissolved. It has been a nightmare and my doctor didn't know what to do and told me to find someone who had dealt with complications. No doctor should inject these fillers if they don't know what to do if there are problems.
I would try fat grafting. I had fat grafting some 7yrs ago and it has pretty much stayed in place and was MUCH more natural and even than any filler under eye I ever tried. My girlfriend just had to have restalyne removed from under her eyes as almost made her blind and had several issues related to it. A top Doctor in Connecticut injected it but I believe its a crap product. It caused blue marks under my eyes and uneven bumps as I hollowed bad under eyes before fat injections.I don't know what Voluma will do -I just don't like artificial fillers. Make sure you have an EXCELLENT fat grafting doc. Inbox me if you like. Good luck!
Thanks for the feedback, good info. My doc says I can't do fat grafting after cheek implants. I'm going to get another opinion. Being very careful and may just not do any fillers to avoid any possible problems. Scary stuff.
Did you ever get another opinion?  Curious what you found out.