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Is Voluma a safe/good choice to help with under eye hollowness?

  • glitter4750
  • 4 months ago

Hi, I had cheek implants 6 years ago with face lift.  Last year I had restylane under the eyes injected due to hollowness of the area reappearing.  I have notice now a year later that I have kind of a rough area under the one eye and puffiness.  I went to my PS and he suggested Voluma for the cheeks to build up and possibly some under the eye area.  I am nervous to make things worse by doing anything else under the eyes.  Has anyone had good results with this?

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I would try fat grafting. I had fat grafting some 7yrs ago and it has pretty much stayed in place and was MUCH more natural and even than any filler under eye I ever tried. My girlfriend just had to have restalyne removed from under her eyes as almost made her blind and had several issues related to it. A top Doctor in Connecticut injected it but I believe its a crap product. It caused blue marks under my eyes and uneven bumps as I hollowed bad under eyes before fat injections.I don't know what Voluma will do -I just don't like artificial fillers. Make sure you have an EXCELLENT fat grafting doc. Inbox me if you like. Good luck!
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Thanks for the feedback, good info. My doc says I can't do fat grafting after cheek implants. I'm going to get another opinion. Being very careful and may just not do any fillers to avoid any possible problems. Scary stuff.
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