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Vivite skin cream work or not?

  • miss50
  • 33139
  • 7 years ago

today my dermatologist gave a recommendation for a new glycolic skin cream called vivite. its made by same company that created botox. when i looked it up on the web {hard to find even with google!} I noticed the vivite site refered to a technology named GLX. I immediately get turned off by these secret ingredients but willing to stay openminded!

here's what the site calls GLX:

The glycolic compound in GLX Technology is the most effective exfoliant available. Of all the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), glycolics have the smallest molecules for greater skin penetration. It is partially neutralized, the benefits being the combination of high delivery of effective product with minimal irritation, as well as duration so extended that skin receives a secondary glycolic effect.

so i need someone to decipher. is vivite worth trying out? is it really the best out there?

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The Vivite skin care system is amazing. My skin has never looked better. The fine lines on my forhead and around my mouth vanished within the first month. My skin is glowing too! Totally worth purchasing.

Vivite is a horrible product. I hated it, saw little results, and thought the way it went on and made my makeup go on were miserable. I switched to Revaleskin with Coffeeberry and have never been happier. I will never buy another product other that Revaleskin.
I have been using Vivite for about 2 weeks and have noticed a huge improvement in my skin tone. I was starting to develop a forehead crease and within two weeks it's completely gone. My dermatologist had given me a free travel kit and I loved it so much that I just ordered a full size set.