Vitamins/Supplements to take?

  • Ems123
  • 1 year ago

Just wondering if anyone could advise of any vitamins or anything that would help with healing? Have heard lots about Arnica for the bruising, is this a pill? And do you start taking it after your surgery or before? Also heard lots about Vitamin C so going to stock up on that  think! Any advice would be great! My surgery is on the 1st March so not long now!

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Check with your own PS. I know the arnica comes in drops to add to water, spherical tiny pills, and topical creams and gels. I wouldn't get the topical, because it says it may cause irritation, and your boobs are sensitive enough, you have to avoid the sutures, AND if you got a red-mark from the arnica you might freak out thinking it was a complication of the surgery like infection. The lady at the store said the little capsules are more effective than the drops you put in water ( though it seems like the drops can be oral or topical both. Careful on the vit C dose-to much actually turns it from an antioxidant to an oxidant ( which makes it very harmful to cells....nice, huh?) Bromilin (sp?) is something else my PCs nurse mentioned. My PC doesn't care either way, which tells me he doesn't really believe they are necessary or very helpful. But, he won't like me wear a compression or very supportive bra, so I'm trying the arnica capsules ( bought them today), because THAT is okay with him, I'm sick of this swelling/soreness (15 days post-op), and 800mg ibuprofen doesn't touch the swelling.
vit c comment should read "too much," not " to much." lol