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A visual guide through the emotions of a mommy makeover (humor)

  • 1 year ago

First, you try to accept your post-baby body! You love your children! It's okay if you have some extra skin and sagging breasts! Your babies are worth it!

Then you face reality. Your skin is stretched like crazy and you're NOT happy with what you see in the mirror.

So you begin madly exercising and eating sensibly, hoping that will do the trick.

But it doesn't. You still have the extra skin. The sad boobs.

So you start to investigate a mommy makeover. You realize it is expensive. Maybe more money than you have to spend.

You talk to your husband/spouse/significant other, or just consult your bank account. You beg, borrow, steal, and save and realize you can do it. You research, find your perfect surgeon, and schedule your mommy makeover!

At first, you're really excited about how hot you're going to look when this is all over. But as your surgery date nears, you start getting a little nervous.

And then, as the date gets even closer, you get a LOT nervous.

Surgery day comes and goes in a blur. When you get home and the drugs begin to wear off, you wonder what on earth you've done to yourself.

You're in pain. You're swollen. You're exhausted.

Luckily, you have your RealSelf ladies to check in with. You realize you're not going through this alone. Not really.

You get by minute by minute, hour by hour.
And then the day comes when the doctor removes your drains and you're able to take a shower!

A couple weeks into recovery, you hit a slump. Why are you still swollen? When will you feel normal again?

You pull yourself up and keep going. Finally, the incision heals and begins to fade, your belly button looks less like a frown and more like a happy oval, and your breasts stand at attention. Now, your body is smokin' and you realize all the anxiety and discomfort was worth it.