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Any views on travelling a few weeks post-op?

  • HinUK
  • Bristol, UK
  • 2 years ago

I've just booked a family holiday for weeks 3-4 post-op. It's only a 2hour flight which my clinic is happy with, and I've booked a hotel where I can basically lie around while my two boys have a lot of fun, so I think I've made it as easy as it can be. Does anyone have any experience or tips to share on travelling post tt?

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I am flying to Ireland from NY via London 33 days after surgery. . I will be in the air for a total of 9 hours. My Dr. Said it should be fine at that stage. Many people choose to have TTs in different countries and often fly home 1-2 weeks after surgery.
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i will be flying 12 days post op ( its a four and a half hour flight back to the UK from Turkey)
i am assured that it will be ok by my doctor.
just get some one else to carry your suitcase if possible
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