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View Invisalign Progress Online?

  • neuronah
  • 10 months ago

Hi all, This is my second time getting invisalign trays (long story why so I won't get into it).  My first invisalign orthodonist gave me a website which showed a 3D image of what my teeth looked like to begin and what each of the trays would do to my teeth as the treatment progressed.  It was helpful because I could see how my teeth would end up after the invisalign treatment.  My current dentist has not provided me with a feature like this, and I can't find it on the invisalign website.  I did my first invisalign trays about 5 - 6 years ago.  Does this feature still exist?  How can I access it? Thank you, Neuronah

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Hi! Yes, it's called a ClinCheck, and it's provided to every doctor in order for them to tweak everything. You will need to specifically ask your dentist for your ClinCheck. It doesn't cost extra for them, so I can't imagine it'd cost extra for him to give it to you, unless they have a lot of trouble with the technology ;). Lots of doctors give it to their clients automatically, but some feel like it's information overload for their clients and only give it to those who ask. It may or may not be online--it might be emailed to you or given on a disc, or just shown in the office.  

Hope this helps! Are you going to start a review as well, so we can follow your progress? :D