vertical scars

  • redhead94
  • 3 years ago

all you that have vertical scars.....what is your opinion on the vertical scar? i was told that in order to pull my skin from the top down i would need a v-scar since i didnt have enough to go all the way to the pubic bone. well, i didnt get that, i kept my bb hole and he floated the bb down so i didnt have a v-scar. the down side to that is i didnt get pulled as tight as i would of liked from the top down. in 6 months he will revise it and give me the v-scar if i want to. so, is it worth it? will it fade like the horizontal scar does? i am redheaded so my scars stay reder longer than most. but if i revise in decemeber surely by next summer it would be faded enough. whats your thoughts, since i have a choice i would like to know what you who didnt have a choice and are now living with it think?