Revisions for scarring after breast lift

  • joey123
  • NYC
  • 4 years ago

I had original anchor mastopexy last year. Had terrible results with scarring and drop-out of one breast which was also boxy in shape. I ended up with hypertrophic scarring all around. 

I had revision done (by another surgeon) 6 months later. Some hypertrophic scarring remains. I notice that the vertical line on one breast is shorter than the other. surgeon indicated prior to revision that it's very important that they remain equal, but did not elaborate. Why? I am looking at future revisions for remaining scarring and I'm not sure I like final shape of breasts. Please advise.

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I'm looking for the same information (I think). I had a full anchor lift (although it should have only been a donut lift or something, bc I was small with little sagging..guess doctor could get more money though), and have residual areola pigmentation running vertically down my breast. Not to mention my horzonyal scar is 2 inches above my crease!! Also, my breasts are "squarish", but am horrified to have another surgery (not to mention I'm still paying off the first one)! So I'm looking into scar revision, but not sure ow they remove the pigmentation without taking out more skin!! Please let me know if you have found a procedure. Best of luck!
Why don't you look up on the internet ReCell treatment for your scar. It's been available in Europe, Canada and Australia for 10 yrs now. I had the same problem as you. My surgeon only spoke to me about vertical scars. My absolute horror was when I saw the horizontal scars. I've sworn off plastic surgery after that! Plastic surgeons are surgeons, plain and simple! They care very little about going into detail with patients for fear of losing a client (which translates to money). My breasts were barely a b-cup before the procedure which serious didn't warrant the extra scarring. Shame on all of them that think they can get away with things like this! I'd love to sue for the mental anguish I've suffered. I should have chosen another surgeon in NYC if I'd known what was going to be my end result.