4 veneers and having a hard time

  • FMSD
  • 1 year ago

I had bonding on my front teeth for over 20 years that had turn yellow over the last few years. My dentist told me bonding was old fashion and the new and improved way is veneers. I had my four front teeth veneered, and it has been terrible from day one. My original byte is gone, I cannot lock my lower teeth with my bottom teeth - I am told this is normal, is this true? Just last weekend while eating  I managed to byte down in such a way that my front tooth hit a bottom tooth with a lot of force! With my old byte, my teeth would had never been able to do this, now that I have veneers, I was able to unexpectedly smash my teeth with enough force that I could have broken the veneer or my bottom tooth... Don't know what to do... FM in SD