Should I get Velashape?

  • Helen
  • 6 years ago

I heard that velashape will roll away my cellulite and fat around saddlebags.  did you have good velashape results? Should I get velashape?

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Strawberry Laser is the way to go! Check them out...
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I used this every morning, for the minimum of one month, this cream-gel helps streamline the contour of my body and improve the condition and appearance of my skin. What can I say, having three kids explains it all that is why I’ve been to different “search and try” kind of adventure. New studies shows that the geranium extract is really effective in activating the release of fat, while two other vital botanical ingredients also helps to reduce fat storage. And I think from my own experience, it is true!
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I have to say I wanted Vela Shape to be amazing...but it was NOT! Plus, it is super painful...I don't care what they say. I was shocked at how absolutely out-of-this-world painful it was. I ended up with huge black and blue tighs...beautiful! Worse, it does not actually all. I can stand pain for beauty..but this was all pain, no beauty. It basically just builds scar tissue at the spot and so it 'covers' the cellulite for a while--untill you heal. Then about two or three weeks later you look the exact same. Plus, I'm conviced it comprimises the skin in general...making you look worse in the long run :( I bought 12 secessions and after ten, I stopped and realized how stupid I was to fall for this. Hate to be a Debbie Downer...but this is such an absolute waste of money, VERY painfil and simply does not work!
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Kate, I am sorry you had such a bad experience with VelaShape. However this should not have been what you experienced at all. I do not know where you received your Vela treatments but if they are performed by a qualified techinician, you would have great results and little to no pain. I have received the treatments and perform them as well. None of my clients have pain or bruising. Certainly not black and blue. I am extremely happy with my results on my thighs and stomach. It even lifted my butt and reduced my stretch marks.
Shouldnt hurt. You should tell her if it does.
but it sure does not work either.

Check out the real stories posted here at See Velashape reviews

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I am in the process of getting Velashape treatments. How do I know if the practioner is doing it correctly? How should she be moving the the machine in order for it to work?
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I had a bad experience w/ Vela and wouldn't recommend the procedure unless you want DIME SIZE blisters on the area they treated! I had a free session for my upcoming wedding in 4 wks and now I have 2nd degree burns ( Prompt Care visit 5.08.09). Indpls., IN
let them know when it gets too hot i guess...
beware of the before and after pictures.
Try this to see what I mean, take a picture where you are lit from a side, or the top, and then take one with a flash, full flood light. Check them out, same body, same moment, and it looks like a before and after comparison. realize how all of the velashape before pictures are darker than the after.

I am 3 treatments in and I see absolutely NO difference. Im not sure I want to continue
If you are seeking a non-invasive approach to reduce cellulite and fat, the VelaShape may be your best option. It is the first FDA approved medical device for cellulite and for circumferential reduction. It accomplished these approvals when other devices failed to receive them. When performed correctly, the VelaShape does accomplish noticeable results in 4 to 5 treatments. Of course, patients that are very obese or have BMIs over 30 may not be the best candidates and therefore will need more than the basic 4 - 5 treatments. The saddlebags, buttocks and thighs are difficult areas to reduce with just diet and exercise. The VelaShape is your best non-invasive option that accomplishes cellulite reduction, fat reduction, and skin tightening. The other options would be: lipo-dissolve - slightly invasive due to the multiple injections. Good for gradual fat reduction, but poor for cellulite. Does not tighten skin. laser-assisted lipolysis - mildly invasive, but good for sculpting and tightens skin. Will still need VelaShape for cellulite reduction though. liposuction - invasive, good for gross reduction in fat, will not help cellulite and could look worse. Sometimes use lipo-dissolve and VelaShape after liposuction to help even out irregularities. VelaShape has definitely become very popular, but with that popularity there are many new spas popping up with variable experience and skill. If you decide to have VelaShape, just make sure you are comfortable with the practice and confident that they are experienced and knowledgable about the treatment.
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Velasmooth and Velashape are the same machines that are made by Syneron. The difference is that Velasmooth was the first generation and the Velashape is the second generation machine. Velashape has higher energy available in the Radiofrequency aspect of the machine. Syneron says that it contours and gets rid of cellulite in a smaller number of treatments. I have used both machines and I have found that both are great for Cellulite but not so good for size reduction. Cellulite Velashape works great for Cellulite but it needs careful attention to technique and it also needs at least 12 treatments (twice weekly). Afterwards one needs maintenance treatments every three months. As long as you stick to the above regime it does help smoothing of the thighs very nicely. I also find that the people it helps best are the ones who are close to their ideal Body Mass Index and who are exercising regularly. Post-Liposuction I have found that a second group of patients who come to me are the post liposuction patients who are left a bit bumpy and those patients get good results with a short course of velashape treatments. Does it replace Liposuction? No  
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Try Strawberry Laser Its the best on the market and it has side effects however AWESOME SIDE EFFECTS!!! Skin tightning and cellulite reduction!!
VelaShape is for patients who do not want to go under the knife, yet desire fast, visible results for their body shaping and contouring needs. VelaShape is often used post-liposuction to decrease the cellulite that remains on the top level of the skin, as well as smooth irregularities in the skin caused by the procedure.  VelaShape will never replace liposuction.
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