Has anyone had Vaser Liposuction in Thailand? Please help me :)

  • ieu
  • 6 months ago

Hello,I am in bangkok and I am thinking to have a liposuction surgery and I was reading here on the forum some reviews.Can you please reccomend me a good place in Bangkok for this lipo?Is it worth doing this?Please help ;)

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The SIB Beauty Clinic. I recommended. The surgeon is professional and their care is the best i'm really impress when i was there . •••@gmail.com This is clinic's mail. And if you want more suggestion you can mail me at •••@live.com
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Hello. I had my lipo surgery I Bangkok last year with a help of a trusted medical tourism company located in Colorado ( PlacidWay) . Everything went so smoothly from the airport pickup to the return journey. So many reasons went into why I chose Thailand. Obviously price was the biggest factor. The hospital was super clean and part of my decision making was the quality of care. I knew the quality of care in Thailand was much better and you get a holiday at the same time! The surgeons have extensive training and experience and are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of patient’s satisfaction. You can contact the medical tourism provider that I went through and get assisted with the treatment package cost in Thailand.
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