Vaser liposuction on arms post-op

  • Pandaqueen
  • 3 years ago

I'd just had Vaser done on 23rd Sept'11 & I would like to share my experience here. I arrive slightly early for my op and the nurses ran thru all the post op wound care, possible senarios of infection & arranged my post-op appointment to remove stitches. This is my 3rd time having lipo done and this is a correction op as my previous doctor was terrible. He used smart lipo on my arms twice and I had lumpy arms every since. Recovery for smart lipo was terrible, bruising & swelling was bad. Very bad. I consulted with my new doctor & discussed my past op & he agreed that it was badly done as I had excessive scars which were all very prominent. The incisions should be placed at discreet positions like under the fold of the arms, elbows & at the bra line. I felt very comfortable with my new Dr, let's call him Dr P & he assured me the bruising & swelling will be much less then my previous 2 lipo as that is wat Vaser does. I was asleep thru the whole surgery, which was great for me as I had a history of waking up half way thru the surgery. Post surgery I woke up feeling pretty good, like I had a tedious exercise session on my arms. The nurse then helped me dress & showed me how to wear the compression sleeves. She also changed my dressing fir me & explained that the leaking will be bad for the 1st day but will subside from day 2 onwards. I felt so good actually I went out for dinner with my husband & 3 yr old son. Upon returning home, my husband noticed that I had stains on my compression we changed the dressing & I was so glad I bought 2 of those compression garments! I decided the Dr's dressing was too bulky so...I used sanitary pads as due to past experience, sanitary pads are the best leakage collector & will never stain my clothings. The pain was manageable, like muscle ache but having any form of dressing on is uncomfortable & bulky. I have not seen my new arms, bta back & the piece of fat under my armpits which I specifically requested for mr Dr to remove but I feel good post op, way better then my smart lio experience and best thing is the nurse said I hardly had any bruise!!!!

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Hi Sharo, can you recommend the doctor and the hospital you had your surgery>

Thanks for posting, Pandaqueen!