vaser lipo in UK have 4 days to decide please please help me

  • quetz
  • 2 years ago

Hiya Guys. i really want to have thi vaser lipo done. could you recommend any good surgeons. my problem is i am 9 stone 5lb. i wear a size 8 on th top then ... disaster at the bottom. i am a size 12 even sometimes a ridiculous and i hate the way i look. i really think theres a fair bit of fat to be removed from my ass and hips and thighs. is this going to do the job? i dont want to have to do the one under general anasthetic. anyone with good experience and good results of bad as well. am going to see sugeon on thursday 17th. roughly how much could it cost for 3 areas... oh am in the ukĀ 

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Welcome to RealSelf, quetz. Here are some costs reported by other RealSelfers... you'll just need to check how many areas they had done. It looks like it's about £4,000 for most people.

Whereabouts are you in the UK? I'm in Newcastle.

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