Anyone Had Vaser Lipo & Experienced Post Procedure Hair Loss?

  • Spideraka
  • Phila, PA
  • 2 years ago

I know that changes in the body like meds, childbirth, poor diet, extreme weight loss, stress & surgical procedures can impact the hairs growth cycles & result a premature shedding of hair. I'm sensitive about my hair & really on pause about doing it. I know everyone responds differently, but has anyone had this or similar surgery w/hair loss as a side effect?

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Hi Spideraka,

I had smart lipo done four months ago and Yes, i have and still is experiencing shedding a t of hair. I noticed 3 months after smartlipo. My doctor mentoned that surgery can contribute hair loss. I am now staring to consume a high protein diet, hoping that its only temporary and will grow my hair back in a few months.
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