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Vain to get a second plastic surgery procedure?

  • Rob A
  • 5 years ago

I had a nose job 30years ago and I actually flet like a freak afterwards because I became an outcast with people but I felt better about myself. I have huge ears too that I want to get corrected but I am really apprehensive about having this done too because of family and friends reactions. Is it weird to have more than one thing done? Vain or not vain?

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Do it! Like Ub4me said do what makes you happy!(: if people truly care about you they'll learn to like your new features. I support you 100%! Good luck(:
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Tell people to mind their business. Even if you are doing it for vanity - it's your business.
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I agree! My son has ears that protrude and I would support the surgery for him if it would make HIM feel better.
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my thinking is that vain, or not, do what makes you happy. since the surgery you got before made you feel better, good chance the ear surgery would give you similar positive feeling. good luck rob!
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