vacation 12 days post-op?

  • kkre
  • 2 years ago

I'm scheduled for a BR (yay!) on July 27th. My husband surprised me with a 5 day trip soon after - departing August 8th. We are going to Vieques, Puerto Rico where the main things to do are relax, lay on the beach, and snorkel. I know I can't get in the water for 6-8 weeks so snorkeling and swimming are out. I'm debating about rescheduling the trip for after I can do those things, BUT that means I'd be back at work by then (I'm a teacher). Taking a few days off is no problem for me because I have several saved up, but I'm torn between my options:   1. BR on July 27th, vacation on August 8th and not snorkel or swim. 2. Go on vacation as planned on August 8th, but postpone my BR until after I get back which means I'd have to take time off of work. I teach junior high so I would easily be able to mostly sit and talk for a few days after I return to work. If this is the best option, how few days do you think I can get away with taking off? 3. Have the BR as planned on July 27th; postpone the vacation. This is probably the best option, but I'm not sure we can change the tickets. If we can't, this option is out.    Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom you can offer me!

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kkre-best wishes on your upcoming BR. A couple of things we share in common. I am a teacher, had my BR on June 11th, and went on a surprise vacation to Nova Scotia on July 6th. All was well....just got a little fatigued and my husband had to be in charge of the luggage. Keep us posted on your progress.
Just got word from PS: they had a cancellation so my BR has been moved up to Tuesday the 17th!!! Guess my vacation won't be completely ruined after all. :)
I personally would think resting and healing should be the priority. As a teacher, summer vacation should be the best time for the surgery.