Anyone had a uterine prolapse & get the inside tightened (and outside of vagina) at the same time? Was it covered by OHIP?

  • HopefulMommyof2
  • Ontario, ON
  • 4 months ago

I am just wondering I live in Ontario Canada, and I am talking about procedure that does not involve removing the Uterus(hysterectomy). I am currently searching for a UroGynecologist that will perform this surgery without removing the uterus. Am wondering what this entails. As I want vaginoplasty but if this is the same thing essentially, (or if it would just be the outside left not "made smaller/less wider looking) I would rather know, and offer to pay for that portion of it myself. I know the Repair is covered by OHIP here, But I cant find much on the other forms of surgery hysteroplexy I believe its called. Mine is I believe a 2nd degree or grade. with the cervix and uterus. I am getting pain from mine, Which i also find weird since everything Ive read online is that the "early" stages 1&2 normally have no symptoms at all and the ones i am getting are more common with 3 &4 degree prolapse. My OB wasnt concerned at all, and the only type of surgery she performs for this is the hysterectomy. This is due to my Second child birth. I also have some stress Urinary incontinence. I dont beleive kegels will help. ive been doing them, and was before pregnancy and after my first son and i beleive i had this at a stage 1 or less, before this but i had no symptoms then. It also is very painful in my peri area from my tear (2nd degree) Both child births were 2nd degree tears. But the first time (5 years ago) it healed within 6 weeks and it never hurt to sit. It feels like its going to rip open and is extremley painful. I am wondering if I may need as well a scar revision surgery or a perinoplasty surgery if this pain doesnt go away. My OB said no infection & stitches healed up great. however its "tight" where the scar tissue is. She said over time it will loosen up and not hurt.... Not really helping me now. anyone else had these issues after child birth. How long did you wait and which surgeries did you go for?