URGENT B.R. advice needed!

  • Aestas1
  • 3 years ago

Hi all. Well, my surgery is scheduled for May 17 and I'm all ready to go, even requested the time off work. My insurance company has thrown me for a loop. Yes, they'll cover the procedure, but only if my doctor removes 620 grams per side, not the 500 he recommends. At 500 grams, I'd move from a full F to a medium C. At 620 grams, my doctor says I'd barely be a B (if I'm lucky). Going that small is unacceptable and not even an option. The problem is that I'm a big girl (230 pounds). According to the insurance company equation, at my weight, anything under 620 grams is "cosmetic." So, I have two options: 1. Lose about 70 pounds over the next 9 months to a year and put off the surgery. Hopefully, if I lose that much, my insurance company will approve less gram removal. 2. Get a small personal loan ($6,000) for $130 a month and get the surgery on May 17 as planned. (Yes, I can afford this.) Obviously, losing the weight is the smarter choice because I need to lose it anyway, and maybe the goal of surgery will motivate me. On the other hand, I think the ladies on this forum know better than anyone how important this surgery is. I want this and need this SO BAD, and I don't want to wait...but waiting is the smart play. I need feedback. Please be brutally honest! I need to make a decision on getting the loan by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks, ladies. This is probably the biggest decision I will ever make.