Upper Blepharoplasty scar not in crease

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  • 4 years ago

i had upper blepharoplasty done 7 weeks ago, this is the second time the surgeon has done it as not much of a result last year, i am very concerned as i now have a large rainbow of a scar over my eye, this incision is not in my natural fold line, my surgeon has told me this will go away and be unnoticable...however i have never seen scars so high on this surgery...is this neglect or has anyone else seen this and will i be ok?

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Why would they do this it seems to be general practice to put the scar in the crease I have just had blepharoplasty and have , one scar in the crease and one scar 10 mm out of the crease. ????? After all the years of training is it that hard to acheive a scar in the crease????
I had the same surgery on the 30/08/10 the scar has lowered but is still visible. I am also concerned is this neglect as I was told it would be in the crease and not visible, what can we do, I am seeing my surgeon from the Hospital Group next week.so will let you know what his comments are.
hi..you could see a solicitor...my scar has faded alot, but is still noticable...it costs and is a long drawn out prodedure, im now 9 months post op and after many letters to my surgeon all he has done is offer a gesture of good will...i am now having the dema stamp on my upper eye to help the scar tissue
You scar does look a little higher than what I have seen. But I can tell you that the redness and scar does fade in time.
It was been a year for me and there is no longer any redness.