Having Upper and Lower Done on April 23 Under Local Anaesthesia - Worried I Don't Have Enough Time Off Of Work!

  • JHBridge
  • 1 year ago

I am kind of concerned about pain, bruising, swelling.... I was hoping to go back to work (desk job) on April 25. I will be able to be in a private setting with nobody seeing me until April 29. Concerned now that I am being too optimistic about my recovery. Maybe I need to put it off until I can take 2 weeks off which will not be for a long time. I am 53. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Does anyone have any photos of the week after surgery. I am having both uppers and lowers done and need to know what I will look like (generally). I am taking one week off work. Thanks to anyone willing to share.

From what many of the doctors have said, you should be able to go back to most jobs in about 5-7 days. Obviously it's different for everyone, but you could certainly get away with 6 days in private.

Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes well. Please keep us posted on your progress.