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Upper abdomen bulge after tummy tuck

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  • 4 years ago

I had a surgery 16 days ago. The General Surgeon cut hip to hip and repair a 3" wide muscle seperation. She removed the skin (around 4"x7") at the bottom and moved my belly button. At 15 days post operation I woke up with a upper abdomen bulge. I'm freaking out that it didn't work! I had a drain for 6 days. Thanks for the information.

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It will b a year for me...and I'm still bloated- my stomach is gone but fr my bb up I'm bloated- not good
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I just learned I have a hiatal hernia. It is where the tightness of the tummy tuck squeezes everything up and into your diaghpram making it hard to fully inflate your lungs. I have been complaining of tightness for years but mysteriously no doctors could diagnose me. I also have gastroparesis, GERD, and esophagitis. The hiatal hernia can lead to headaches, tiredness, and lots of other problems. This was all caused by my tummy tuck. It also makes your stomach feel hard and painful after eating, and you have a feeling of fullness and shortness of breath after eating.
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I had a tummy tuck in2009 and also have the upper abd distenion. I complained to my dr. but was more or less told it was nothing. i also feel full after eating and experience sob.My upper abd. feels very hard.any suggestions?
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I dont know anything else to do. I have had the stitches taken out years ago and it didnt help. I also lost weight down to 140 lbs but even a 10 lb weight gain would make it worse. It is just too tight, and my dr is ignoring my calls now...
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It's possible it could be fluid retention. Check out these doctors' answers to a similar question.

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